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"I had an extremely positive experience working with Mark in all three phases of my video project. He thoroughly prepared himself and me for the shoot and encouraged me to trust his process. The actual shooting day was seamless as we moved from an outdoor action sequence to an indoor professional environment with multiple other people involved. I received the beautifully edited video on schedule, we made a few minor adjustments and it was ready to post. I have received many positive comments about the quality and content of the video."

Greg Gast - Third Stage Consulting

About Mark

I’m Mark Belden, and I love making videos.

On every project I strive to make the video unique and powerful. My gift to the world is to tell your story through video and leverage that message on the internet.

I travel the world, telling stories through video and I love every second of it.

  • The Definitive Guide To Interviewing People For Video Production

    I recently wrote a post on The Best Way to Interview people. Today I want to go all out, and write an inclusive guide. I am doing this for a few reasons; Interviews are the backbone of any promotional or documentary style video. The importance of getting amazing sound is crucial. Let’s face it. Most promotional videos are really bad.  There are a lot of promotional videos out there on company websites that I just can’t make it through. How can I devote 90 seconds of my time to learn more about “…